Temporary Signage Application Form

Temporary Signage Application Form

The Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake is launching a pilot program to permit businesses in the Queen-Picton Heritage District to use temporary, exterior A-frame signage, to attract potential customers and ultimately assist in recovering from the impacts of COVID-19.

At the August 10, 2020, Committee of the Whole – Planning Meeting, Council directed Lord Mayor Betty Disero and Interim CAO Sheldon Randall, by way of their delegated authority, to implement this program during the pandemic. The program is slated to run until October 31, 2020, unless an alternative end date is deemed appropriate by the Lord Mayor and Interim CAO.

Please Note: Only one sign for the primary business frontage and signs are only permitted to be out during hours of operation.

No Heritage Permit is required for the A-frame temporary signage. Should any other signage be proposed please contact the Heritage Staff. 

Consideration should be given to the following:

  • Heritage colours be used,
  • Wording and design to be kept simple - business name, note that the business is "Open", directional arrows, no prices, may describe products briefly, minimal clutter requested, no zip letters, chalk writing is fine on a blackboard,
  • The size be limited to 2x3 feet,
  • Safety for pedestrians must be a consideration, and
  • Matte finish with no back lighting.

For clarification on the information above, please consult and receive direction from the Heritage Planner at denise.horne@notl.com.