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Written & Audio Messages From the Town

April 28, 2021
• NOTL Council Approves 2021 Temporary Patio Program 

April 23, 2021
• NOTL Continues Response Efforts

April 19, 2021
• NOTL Reopens Municipal Playgrounds

April 16, 2021
• NOTL Responds to Additional Restrictions from the Provincial Government

April 14, 2021
A Message from the NOTL Community Wellness Committee - COVID-19 Vaccine Update #4

April 10, 2021
• NOTL Ramps Up Protective Measures in Preparation for April Break
• NOTL Under Stay-at-Home Order

April 7, 2021
• NOTL Prepares for Stay-at-Home Order

April 6, 2021
NOTL Enters Shutdown Zone

April 1, 2021
NOTL Responds to Provincewide Emergency Brake

March 31, 2021
A Message from the NOTL Community Wellness Committee - COVID-19 Vaccine Update #3

March 25, 2021
NOTL Proactively Prepares for Increase in Visitors

March 23, 2021
• NOTL Responds to Increased Capacity Limits for Indoor Dining within the Red-Control Level

March 19, 2021
• NOTL Looks to Public for Feedback on Customer Service Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

March 17, 2021
A Message from the NOTL Community Wellness Committee - COVID-19 Vaccine Update #2

March 11, 2021
• Preparation for COVID-19 Immunizations for Residents 80+

March 5, 2020
• NOTL Prepares to Reopen Community Centre

March 4, 2020
• Niagara announces planned locations of COVID-19 vaccination sites

A Message from the NOTL Community Wellness Committee - COVID-19 Vaccine Update #1

March 3, 2020
• Niagara Region Public Health prepares for rollout of large-scale vaccination later this month

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