Official Plan Review

Official Plan Review

Final Draft - Official Plan - December, 2018

The final draft of the new Official Plan is now available for review using the links below.  Should you wish to view a hard copy of the document, please call Tara Druzina, Community & Development Services Administrative Assistant, at 905-468-6468.

Please note that the links below contain large documents and as such might take significant time to download.  Should you have technical difficulties, please call Fred Cervantes, Manager of Information Technology, at
905-468-3266. ext. 298.

The next step is for Council to provide direction regarding the scheduling of an Open House in the new year. Once the details are available, the notice for the Open House will be shared widely, including on the Town’s website and the Official Plan project page on Join the Conversation ( 

Should you have questions regarding the content of the Plan, please call Rick Wilson, Manager of Planning
at 905-468-3266, ext. 313. 

Official Plan - Adopted October 22, 2019

Notice of Adoption - Official Plan - November 6, 2019

Adopted Official Plan Text

Adopted Schedules A B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 C App 1

Adopted Schedules D1 D2 D3 D4 E1 E2(i) E2(ii) F 



Official Plan for Adoption - Redline Version - August 15, 2019 

Consultant's Presentation to Council held August 1, 2019

Consultant's Presentation from the Open House held February 13, 2019

Notice of Open House & Public Meeting - February, 2019

Final Draft - Official Plan - December, 2018 

Schedules A, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 and C

Schedules D1, D2, D3, D4, E1, E2(i) E2(ii) and F

Appendix 1 - Municipal Drains

Appendix 2 - NPCA Regulated Areas

Appendix 3 - Queenston Secondary Plan

Appendix 4 - St. Davids Secondary Plan

Appendix 5 - Glendale Secondary Plan

Appendix 6 - Dock Area Secondary Plan

Draft Official Plan - June/July 2016

The third draft of the new Official Plan is available for review using the links below. Hard copy documents will also be available for review during the week of June 6 at the Town Municipal Offices, Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library, and Queenston Community Centre.

• Proposed New Official Plan Draft 3
•​ Schedules A-B4
•​ Schedules B5-B7
• Schedule C
• Schedules D1-D4
•​ Schedules E1-F
•​ Schedules G1-G4
• Schedules G5-G8
•​ Schedules H1-H7
•​ Schedules I1-15
•​ Appendices 1-3 

Comments Received for Draft 1 (Please note, the document will print as 11 x 17. The PDF is resizable for viewing on a computer screen.)

Design Guidelines:
Draft Niagara Stone Road Design Guidelines
Draft Mary Street Design Guidelines

See the following for more information:
Media Release - Official Plan Review Underway
My Plan NOTL - Official Plan Circular
Background Report
Special Public Meeting - July 22, 2013
Community Engagement Session #1 - Background Report
Community Engagement Session #2 - Heritage, Arts and Culture
Heritage, Arts, and Culture Issues Report
Community Engagement Session #3 - Built Environment
Built Environment Summary Report
Community Engagement Session #4 - Agriculture and the Natural Environment
Agriculture and the Natural Environment Report
Consultants secured to finalize the Official Plan document - May 2015
Community Engagement Session Notice - Sept 8, 2015
Presentation at Community Engagement Session - Sept 8, 2015

Technical Reports
• Growth Analysis – Technical Background Report - Oct 2015​

• Discussion Paper: Agricultural Background - Oct 2015
• Discussion Paper: Second Residential Units - Oct 2015
Discussion Paper: Environment - Oct 2015